Top 5 unique travel experiences to try in Vietnam

Traveling to explore new things, new lands and challenge yourself is becoming the preferred travel form for many tourists.

To meet the needs of travelers who love strong feelings as well as want to learn deeply about local culture, a lot of unique and adventurous tours like Vietnam easy riders tour, sea walking tour … have appeared and developed in Vietnam.

Sea Walking Tour in Nha Trang

Owning beautiful beaches, pristine islands, and high-quality entertainment services, Nha Trang is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Vietnam. Coming to Nha Trang, visitors also have the chance to try an extremely experience – walking on the ocean floor. This travel service only has been developed in recent years but attracts a large number of travelers. Those who want to walk on the seafloor need to wear hard hat diving and follow to the guides of the instructor, and then, you can explore the ocean, see the coral and fish. Each time will last about 15 – 20 minutes.

Vietnam easy riders

Backpacking with Vietnam easy riders is also the great way to discover the S-shaped country. In the 90s, to meet the demands of understanding Vietnamese culture of foreign travelers, some motorbike taxi drivers who can speak English, gathered together and set up a group consisting of people taking visitors to visit attractions, … called Vietnam Easy Riders. Taking an easy riders tour, you will be explored all the corners of a city or even go to the further places, mountainous areas to see how to the local people live by motorbike. This kind of tour is really a perfect choice for travelers who love strong feelings and discover new things.

vietnam easy riders

Fishing and snorkeling tour in Da Nang

Besides Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain or Ba Na Hill, the extremely tourist attractions of Da Nang, travelers will have the opportunity to experience a fascinating tour – snorkeling & fishing tour.

There are two options; the first one is snorkeling and fishing on Chao Island (Ngoc Island) – a pristine island where still has no fresh water and other living conditions, very suitable for those who like to explore the new land. The second choice is Lo or Nom Beach on Son Tra Peninsula, in which, the boat will take you to the predefined locations. In here, you can take part in any activities such as scuba diving, fishing, and enjoy lunch prepared by the chef.

Travel by seaplane

Enjoying the beauty of nature from above will give you an entirely different experience. Travel by seaplane is a new and unique travel form in Vietnam. Established by Hai Au Aviation, a joint venture between Thien Minh Group and Focus Travel, the seaplane tour uses Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX, the world’s leading modern seaplane, operating under the control of the international captains and Vietnamese flight attendants. Currently, Hai Au Aviation only provides Ho Chi Minh – Phan Thiet and Hanoi – Halong seaplane tours. In the future, Hai Au may offer more trip in Nha Trang and the Mekong Delta.

hoi an - vietnam

Mud Bath in Quang Binh Caves

Known as one of the famous natural heritage in the world, tourists visiting Phong Nha – Ke Bang are not only admired the amazing beauty of wild nature, majestic caves but also experienced unique thing like mud bath in caves. To reach these caves to bath and relax in the heart of nature, you have to go zip line with the length of more than 400 meters. Then, you will be taken a dip in the cool water of Thuy Tien Lake before boating on the Chay River to return, ending the journey.

This is a list of top 5 new and exciting experiences that worth a try if you have the chance to visit the beautiful Vietnam country. Hopefully, with our guides, you have an enjoyable holiday with friends and family in Vietnam!

Top 5 unique travel experiences to try in Vietnam Top 5 unique travel experiences to try in Vietnam